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On Thursday, May 14, Illinois Humanities presented the 2015 Public Humanities Award to Howard Tullman, CEO of the startup incubator 1871, for fostering a vibrant relationship between the humanities and business. Learn more about Howard and his accomplishments.

Media: RB

For the past three months, teams of journalists and citizens have been creating multimedia, community-driven reporting projects highlighting untold stories in some of the Chicago neighborhoods most affected by gun violence through the Reporting Back program series. Now, Illinois Humanities and The Dilettantes invite you to an interactive exhibition and discussion with the Reporting Back teams. RSVP now to learn more about their work and take part in an engaging conversation about the way public dialogue informs their storytelling processes.

BUS: Debt

In the seven years before the Great Recession, American household debt doubled to $14 trillion. Amir Sufi, co-author of the award-winning House of Debt, says that’s no coincidence. Literary scholar Annie McClanahan says that we can also learn about debt from some less expected sources – like horror movies. On Tuesday, May 26th, Sufi and McClanahan will join a panel of speakers examining the place of debt in American life in a conversation that connects economics, policy and culture. RSVP today!

BUS: Slava

In honor of Howard Tullman, the 2015 recipient of the Public Humanities Award, Illinois Humanities invites you to join an exciting conversation with Slava Rubin, co-founder and CEO of pioneering "crowdfunding" website Indiegogo. With Lisa Yun Lee (Director of the School of Art and Art History at UIC), he'll discuss the role of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technological change in our society and culture. RSVP Today!
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