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Hypocrites Theatre founder Sean Graney has adapted all 32 surviving Greek tragedies into one epic 12-hour play, All Our Tragic, which the Chicago Tribune called a "watershed moment for off-Loop theater." Sean joins the IHC for a talk on his process of adaptation and how experiencing the play mirrors the ancient Dionysian festivals, where drama was a springboard for civic discussion.

TPS Event

Every so often when filling out paperwork we're required to "check one box" and identify our race. But our identities are much more complex than one box. Check out the storytellers and register to attend the IHC's final event in the Living in Color storytelling series, September 25 at Rosa's Lounge in Chicago, an evening exploring race, ethnicity, nationality, culture and the complicated question: "what are you?"


The IHC is excited to collaborate with the International Contemporary Ensemble for OpenICE, a series of intimate concerts and discussions at The Hideout. Each unique performance will include a 'behind the scenes' conversation with the musicians to share how the music is created and experienced. Save the date for the first in the series, Simple Songs, October 12!


Hometown Teams captures the inextricable connection between towns and their teams. Currently at the Rock Island Public Library through October 26, the exhibition will showcase the sports, individuals and artifacts that have been an indelible part of every community, including the Quad Cities, for well over one hundred years.

CF 2015

Complement your curriculum with a smart, fun program that teaches students about freedom of expression, right to health, rights of children and more, and empowers them to address issues that are happening in their own communities.Learn more and apply to the 2015 Capitol Forum on America's Future!
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