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An ancient Greek play about a wounded war hero abandoned by the military stops being ancient when viewed through the experiences of today’s veterans. Listen to an NPR piece about a recent production of the play and the positive responses it’s received from veterans. Are you interested in the idea of humanities-based programs on veterans’ experiences? Let us know! The IHC is developing programs centered around the NEH's Standing Together Initiative.

MoMs - Nokomis

"I just hope people leave here knowing the history, a little bit about the game and the love of sports…And that people realize how important your hometown team is to the community." --Lisa Billingsley, BRS Baseball Museum

Read more on how the Hometown Teams exhibition in Nokomis brought a community of 2,000 together as a team and strengthened the work of a small museum for years to come. Catch it before it closes July 20, and get ready as it moves to Monroe County July 26!

OP Apps

The IHC's Odyssey Project provides free college-level courses in the humanities for adults living on low incomes, creating a forum to read and discuss the central ideas of our society. Courses are taught in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign by faculty from Illinois' top universities, and students receive college credit. Learn more about The Odyssey Project and apply here.


Got a great idea for a program? Our Collaborative City program offer community groups, schools & nonprofits the opportunity to host their own events at the Chicago Cultural Center for free. Let's work together!

Now What

The ongoing Now What? series brings together some of the country’s most interesting thinkers in conversation with the IHC's Angel Ysaguirre to talk about today’s front-page issues. Follow the events and highlights from those conversations by following the Twitter hashtag #nwIHC.
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