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2014 PHA

We believe in the open exchanges of ideas and perspectives in all its forms, including dance. It's one big reason why we're honoring Jay Franke and David Herro with our Public Humanities award on May 20, 2014 in Chicago. Learn more about their work, and our Luncheon.

Now What Event

Take part in an open conversation on ideas about democracy and public education with Liz Dozier, principal of Chicago's Fenger Academy H.S. and a fixture in CNN's documentary series Chicagoland and, Institute for Advanced Studies professor Danielle Allen, whose new book affirms the relevance of theDeclaration of Independence and, as Junot Diaz says, "[returns] it to its true and rightful owners—you and me."

RS Announcement

From the history of Motown to the moral tribulations of Albert Einstein, our curiosity can lead us to unexpected places. As an IHC Road Scholar, you’ll have the freedom to wander….take Illinois along with you! Be part of our Road Scholars Speakers Bureau; deadline May 5!


Enjoy the first few segments of our Southern Illinois Wonders series, an original new series by us and WSIU Radio on the history, art, culture, and other wonders of southern Illinois.


View this short video that eloquently describes the core mission of our Odyssey Project, and takes an intimate look into the lives of current students, who may work multiple jobs, raise families, yet are driven for a desire to learn and grow. Learn more about The Odyssey Project.
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