Tim Samuelson

Nominated By: 
The Honorable Richard M. Daley
Tim Samuelson, cultural historian for the City of Chicago, has been instrumental in celebrating and protecting Chicago's past for more than twenty-five years. He is highly regarded for his stewardship of the cultural and architectural history of the city at the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and the Chicago Historical Society. But Mr. Samuelson's work on behalf of Chicago's cultural treasures does not stop at his office door. He has volunteered his time to work on the restoration of such landmark structures as Union Station, Chess Records, and the Pilgrim Baptist Church. What's more, Mr. Samuelson led the fight to save historic Bronzeville in the 1970's and pushed for its landmark designation. He continues to work with the Landmark Commission as an advocate for the preservation of buildings that represent diverse aspects of the city's cultural history. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about Chicago's neighborhoods?the people, the stores, the factories, the labor history. He loves to disperse this history by presenting Chicago Neighborhood Tours and by organizing exhibitions that portray subjects relating to popular culture and architecture in an accessible way. As he himself says, ?The goal is to get people excited about history?especially those who never imagined they would be.?