Kony 2012

From "Backlash against Kony 2012: Where are the voices of the Ugandans?" by Patricia Taft and Nate Haken

Since the Kony 2012 internet video went viral, there has been a backlash and counter-backlash. The backlash criticized Invisible Children for oversimplifying the issue. Certainly for those of us who have lived in Uganda and who have spent years working on these issues, it is difficult not to cringe at the missing nuance and the fast-and-loose treatment of history...The counter-backlash pointed out that oversimplification is what advocacy does...But does the video attempt to represent the perspectives and opinions of the people depicted on the screen? 

Questions for Consideration
With over 84 million viewers to date, what's behind the mass appeal of the "Kony 2012" video? How does or doesn't the campaign create effective social change? What can be done to give voice to Ugandans and raise further awareness? What should informed activism look like?

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Event List: 
03/29/2012 - 6:00pmKony 2012, Transmedia Activism and the Voices of UgandansTownship2200 North California AvenueChicago