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We are now welcoming applications to join the 2015-16 IHC Road Scholars roster! Applications, including brief VIDEO SAMPLES, are DUE MAY 8, 2015. To apply, click here. For information and guidance, click here.

Because of numerous requests for Road Scholars presentations involving long-distance travel (for which we're grateful!), the number of Road Scholars events that we can approve for the remainder of this fiscal year is limted.  Please contact Matt Meacham, program coordinator, at mwm@prairie.org or (312) 422-5589 before making arrangements for any Road Scholars events to be held before October 31, 2015.

The 2014 - 2015 IHC Road Scholars Speakers Bureau roster is available here!


For almost two decades, the IHC Road Scholars Speakers Bureau has been sending Illinois' finest writers, poets, historians, anthropologists, and living history actors to share their talents with audiences across Illinois. For a small fee, a non-profit organization can bring a humanities speaker to its community and share the Road Scholars experience with local audiences, friends and family. IHC takes care of the rest.

Our current roster features speakers hailing from 20 different towns and cities across Illinois who offer presentations on topics in history, culture, literature, music, politics, law, science, and other subjects that pique one's curiosity and surprise the intellect. We believe the humanities can help audiences examine the world in all its varied shades and discover in it the remarkable, the strange, the fantastic, the tragic, the humorous, and the beautiful.

So, whether you're a future host site or a potential speaker, we invite you to let your curiosity wander and learn more about the IHC Road Scholars Speakers Bureau.


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The Illinois Humanities Council gratefully acknowledges
Presence Health's financial support for the Road Scholars program in 2014-15.


For more information, contact Matt Meacham at the IHC office at mwm@prairie.org or call 312.422.5589.